About Me

I’m a senior at the University of Washington passionate about using data to make a positive impact on human health and address complex societal challenges. I believe data science can drive social change, promoting equity, sustainability, and inclusion. By uncovering insights and informing decision-making, we can build a more just society. I’m excited to contribute my skills to projects aligned with these values. If you’re looking for a dedicated data scientist who shares a commitment to making a difference, let’s connect and explore opportunities to create lasting positive change together.

About My Mentor

I am working with Jay Cunningham at the University of Washington in the field of Human-Centered Design and Engineering. Jay’s research specifically explores the dynamic intersections among society, AI/ML technology, equity, and innovation. This focus allows us to delve into the complex relationships between these areas and uncover valuable insights that can drive positive change.

About My Project

My project aims to address racial disparities and fairness-related harms in automated speech recognition (ASR) and language technologies specifically for African-American speakers of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). To promote equity and inclusivity in these technologies, the project adopts community-based approaches. The study design includes community-based participatory research, surveying, and conducting semi-structured interviews. The research primarily focuses on conducting a scoping literature review and thematic analysis to explore inclusive approaches for collecting representative speech data from African-American English speakers in ASR and natural language processing. Key areas of inquiry involve examining how researchers in human-computer interaction (HCI), machine learning/natural language processing (ML/NLP), and linguistics discuss and address bias in ASR for Black speakers, as well as exploring practices related to data curation, collection, validation, and ownership for designing inclusive ASR/NLP systems. Additionally, the project seeks to identify various approaches, methods, theories, and practical recommendations that contribute to the design of more inclusive ASR/NLP systems specifically for AAVE speakers.

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